Since 1997 I have researched the scientific evidence and field studies involving the island fruit noni to uncover its secrets as a medicinal agent. I logged many hours digging through case studies and reports from doctors and other experts, and analyzed reports from an array of clinical trials. I also interviewed more than 50 doctors and other health professionals who had compiled data that collectively represented over 10,000 people who had used or were using noni.

As I was collecting these data, one of the questions that I continually came back to was: "How can noni possibly help so many people with so many diverse health problems? What was its secret?" I concluded that, indeed, it does not help everyone -- and it does not help with all health problems. However, on an average, 78 percent of the more than 10,000 noni users in our survey reported that it helped in some way, including fighting cancer, heart disease, digestive disorders, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, stroke, weight problems, and skin and hair problems. This booklet provides an overview of my findings.


Noni ( Morinda Citrifolia ) is a fruit with extraordinary healing properties that most North Americans have never heard of. It's been successfully used for over 2,000 years in Polynesia, China, India and elsewhere. Noni migrated with the inhabitants to the South Pacific islands, Tahiti, Hawaii, Malaysia - and wherever there is pollution-free volcanic soil. Like aloe vera, kelp, papaya, PycnogenolTM; and other botanicals, the extract of the noni plant has been demonstrated to improve a wide variety of health conditions.

For use in the United States, the noni fruit is prepared primarily as a food supplement in juice form. Although the plant is very bitter and has an adverse odor, the noni juice supplement is very palatable in taste and smell because of the addition of natural grape and blueberry juices a special blend formulated by two prominent food chemists, Stephen Story and John Wadsworth.

Noni's Miraculous Health Benefits

Research indicates that noni stimulates the immune system, regulating cell function and cellular regeneration of damaged cells. The fact that noni seems to operate on the very basic and critical cellular level may explain why it's useful for a wide variety of conditions. Dr. Richard Dicks, a clinician from New Jersey, says, "We're beginning to realize that we must get back to basics with our bodies. What it boils down to is, either burn nutrients or burn your body. Noni saves our bodies by giving us the nutrients we need."

Actually, noni has over a hundred primary and secondary applications. This booklet will focus mainly on the primary uses. Noni is invaluable as a healing herb because of the following functions, which will all be discussed in more detail:

  • Increases body energy.
  • Alleviates pain.
  • Acts as anti-inflammatory and anti-histaminic agent.
  • Has antibacterial properties that can protect against digestive and heart damage.
  • Works with melatonin and serotonin to help regulate sleep, temperature and mood cycles.
  • Inhibits precancer function and growth of cancer tumors.
The following table contains statistical analysis of the data, including both primary and secondary applications, that I obtained from surveying more than 50 doctors and other health professionals who had taken noni and/or given it to over 10,000 patients. It depicts the number of people who drank noni juice for 23 different conditions, the percentage that were helped, and the primary active components (PAC) believed to be involved. It is my belief that although the PAC is the major component, it is the total blend of all natural ingredients that result in noni's optimal health benefits.

Conditions helped with Noni

Condition reported to respond to noni # taking noni
for that condition
Primary Active
Allergy, decreased Symptons 948 84% Xeronine
Anti-Aging, Look Better 148 78% Terpene
Arthritis, Lessened symptoms 719 81% Terpene
Breathing, Improved 2,854 77% Xeronine
Cancer, Lessened symptoms 889 65% Xeronine
Depression, Lessened symptoms 807 77% Xeronine
Diabetes, Types I and II 2,773 84% Scopoletin
Digestion Improved 1,593 89% Xeronine
Energy Increased 8,327 92% Xeronine
Fuzzy thinking, helped clear 373 88% Xeronine
Heart Disease, Decreased symptoms 1,123 80% Xeronine
High Blood Pressure, Decreased 938 85% Scopoletin
Kidney Health Improved 2,372 67% Xeronine
Mental Acuity, Increased Alertness 2,983 72% Xeronine
Muscle, Increased Body-building 816 71% Protein
Obesity, Lost excess weight 2,841 75% Xeronine
Pain, including headaches, decreased 4,231 88% Xeronine
Sexuality, Enhanced enjoyment 1,608 87% Xeronine
Sleep, Improved 1,231 73% Xeronine
Smoking, Stopped 452 58% Xeronine
Stress, Helped cope with 4,113 72% Xeronine
Stroke 1,019 57% Xeronine
Well Being, Increased feeling of 4,561 80% Xeronine
*Pooled percentage of people who experienced objective and/or subjective improvement of their signs and/or symptoms after taking noni. The majority of noni users who did not get optimal results failed to do so because they took a lesser dose and/or took it a lesser amount of time than recommended in the table below.

Recommended Dosing

Test Dose: 3 days
Teaspoons of Noni Juice

Adult (over 16 years)
Before Breakfast 1
Before Dinner 1
Child (under 16)
Before Breakfast 1

Loading Dose: Month 1
Ounces of Noni Juice

Adult (over 16 years)
Before Breakfast 2
Before Dinner 2
Child (under 16)
Before Breakfast 1
Before Dinner 1

Therapeutic Dose: Month 2 through Month 6
Ounces of noni Juice

Adult (over 16 years)
Before Breakfast 2
Before Dinner 1
Child (under 16)
Before Breakfast 1
Before Dinner ½

Maintenance and Prevention: Month 7 and After
Ounces of noni Juice

Adult (over 16 years)
Before Breakfas 1
Before Dinner 1
Child (under 16)
Before Breakfast 1
Before Dinner

NOTE: Noni can be taken together with all other medications - there are almost no negative interactions. In some situations, noni can allow other medications to act more efficiently. You should tell your health professional that you are taking noni, as your physician might want to decrease the dose of the medication prescribed. This often reduces the side effects from the original medication.

Reported side effects were minimal. Less than 5 percent experienced minor belching, loose stools, allergy, or developed a mild rash. The belching disappeared when the dose was decreased. The rash and loose stools cleared within 72 hours after stopping treatment. Noni has been reported safe for pregnant and/or nursing mothers.

Overview of Noni's Primary Applications

According to Steven Hall, M.D., of the state of Washington, another physician whom I interviewed and who noni juicer: "Not only does noni provide many benefits on its own, but it also increases the effectiveness of other treatments." He has found that "noni is incredible because it offers help to people who could not be helped by traditional medical science."

Increased effectiveness and an alternative treatment to drugs are just two of the reasons that noni is such a valuable herb. Hall's results were consistent with the previously reported positive response from 78 percent of noni users. Noni also has the following characteristics:

Noni works synergistically with other food supplements and/or medications.

Noni probably helps with prevention, and works optimally in conjunction with other antioxidants.

Noni helps animals heal faster.

Dr. Schechter, director of the Natural Healing Institute in California, reports that there has been a wealth of information supporting the traditional uses and health benefits of noni. His work supports what the Kahunas (traditional healers in Hawaii) have known and used beneficially for thousands of years. He confirmed in an interview that the positive results obtained by physicians using noni were consistent with the results obtained by naturopathic clinicians. Dr. Schechter has treated hundreds of patients with noni and has been very impressed with the variety of illnesses that responded to noni.

The following gives a synopsis of some important data concerning Dr. Schechter's clinical investigations:

Noni stimulates the production of T-cells in the immune system. T-cells play a pivotal role in fighting disease.

Noni acts to enhance the immune system involving macrophages and/or lymphocytes, which are a vital part of your body's natural defenses.

Noni has been shown to combat many types of bacteria.

Noni has unique anti-pain effects.

Noni inhibits precancer function and the growth of cancer tumors by allowing abnormal cells to function more normally.

Dr. Schechter states, "As a clinical therapist, I have seen noni generate significant, even profound, therapeutic benefits for both prevention and self-help of a wide range of health problems."

From Dr. Schechter's list and from the information provided by the other professionals with whom I communicated, I have determined the primary application categories, which are discussed in the following overview. Though there are many other valuable uses of noni, as the charts show, only those with the most support have been included.

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